Curbside Recycling Bin Collection

General Information & Tips

  • You are allowed two free recycling bins.
  • Please place all containers (plastic bottles #1 and #2, glass bottles, steel and aluminum cans) in one bin and all paper (mixed paper, newspaper, cardboard, and paperboard) in the other.
  • Please flatten all boxes and place large cardboard pieces underneath your bins when you set them out. 
  • Please stack newspapers on top of mixed papers for easy sorting by our drivers. Newspaper and mixed paper may be separated in a reusable bag available at the Recycling and Trash Collection Division.
  • Labels and caps do not have to be removed from recyclables.
  • Do not place needles, tobacco products, diapers, broken glass, or other trash in with your recyclable materials.
  • Remove all liquid, food residue, and plastic linings from containers.
  • Place your recycling bin at the curb by 5:00am or the night before your collection day, as the collection occurs early.
  • Place your recycling bin within 5 to 6 feet of the roadway, and at least 3 feet from your trash cart, placing it in a highly visible location.
  • During inclement weather, please place your paper and paperboard recycling in a bin with the lid securely fastened to keep material dry.
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